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Lakes of Tata and Bokod

This time we travel back in time a bit, back to the holiday in the beginning of October. I already told you stories about Badacsony and Sümeg but I didn't show you the third chapter of that short vacation. After our 3 days of spa we left Sümeg and started our way back to Budapest. We decided to have a longer trip and check two places I wanted to show to Aniuta for a long time already.
Lake Tata


Snow in the city

It seems that we will never have the same cold, snowy winters anymore in Budapest as we had in my childhood. I remember, that around the middle of November we were throwing snowballs and building snowmen twenty years ago... It is quite shocking to think about this... firs of all because I just realized how long time ago was that and on the other hand I started to act like a grandpa, thinking about the "good old times".
Whatever... getting back to the point it was snowing last week so I grabbed the camera and took some photos. I tried to capture the light, the clean air so I tried to make high-key like photos in Városliget.


Sümeg, the impregnable fortress

As I mentioned it in my previous post we have been on holiday in the beginning of October. That time I was writing about Badacsony, the small town on the bank of Balaton. During this trip our HQ was Sümeg, a city in western Hungary.